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Officers and Other Positions

Board of Directors Officers
Steve Gaalema (2014)
Michael Grossberg (2014)
Chris Hibbert (2015)
Joseph Martino (2015)
Anders Monsen (2014)
Charles Morrison (2016)
Bill Stoddard (2016)
Amy Sturgis (2015)
Rick Triplett (2016)
Bill Stoddard-Board President
Charles Morrison-Vice President
Chris Hibbert-Treasurer
Michael Grossberg-Secretary
Committee Chairs Others
Finance--Chris Hibbert
Publicity--Chris Hibbert
Programming--Fran Van Cleave
Best Novel Awards--Michael Grossberg
Hall of Fame Awards--Bill Stoddard
Newsletter Editor: Anders Monsen
Webmaster: Chris Hibbert


MICHAEL GROSSBERG Michael Grossberg is an arts reporter and the chief theater critic for "The Dispatch" in Columbus, Ohio. Grossberg is founder and a past board president of the Libertarian Futurist Society, which sponsors the Prometheus Awards for outstanding libertarian science fiction. He also founded the Free Press Association, which sponsored for 15 years the Mencken Awards for outstanding libertarian journalism.

He has served as vice chairman of the American Theatre Critics Association, the only organization representing the nation's theater critics. For four years, he coordinated ATCA's annual Tony award recommendation of a regional theater to the League of American Theatres and Producers, which cosponsors the Tony awards.

Listed in Who's Who in America since 1993, Grossberg has contributed to 10 books, including an afterword to J. Neil Schulman's novel "The Rainbow Cadenza" and annual critical essays to The Best Plays Theatre Yearbook, the leading theater reference work. He has written for Back Stage, the national performing arts weekly, Reason, Liberty, Libertarian Review, Critics Quarterly, Indianapolis News, and the New York Times Special Syndicate.

CHRIS HIBBERT --Chris Hibbert has lived all over: Oregon, California, Japan, Virginia (suburbs of DC), and Boston, before moving to the San Francisco Bay area where he has lived since 1984. He helped start a software company in 1994 that outlasted the dot-com bust by a few years. He has worked as a project manager and software architect and did free-lance consulting and working on an open source project. Currently, he works at Niantic Labs (Google) on Ingress, a massively multi-player global augmented reality game. Chris has been a libertarian since he read Rand's "The Virtue of Selfishness" before going to college. He has been active on privacy issues, writing an FAQ on Social Security Numbers and another on avoiding (paper) Junk Mail. (Look for them at cpsr.org.) He also served on CPSR's Executive Committee. Chris is a rock climber and plays Volleyball and ice hockey.

JOSEPH MARTINO -- Joseph P. Martino is a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America since the 1960s, has written for Reason, Analog, Worlds of If, and Galaxy magazines. He is the author of "Science Funding: Politics and Porkbarrel", which presents the case for eliminating government funding of scientific research, and an Associate Member of First Fandom, having been an active fan for over 50 years. He is an LFS Sponsor and member of the Board of Directors.

FRED C. MOULTON -- Moulton is a member of the LFS Board of Directors. Besides Science Fiction, he is interested in computer privacy and security, freedom of speech, individualist Anarchist and Atheist philosophy and history as well as business, economics, nanotechnology etc. In addition to the LFS, he is involved to varying degrees with Alcor, Foresight Institute, Extropy Institute, Resources for Independent Thinking and Association of Libertarian Feminists. Based in Silicon Valley, Moulton left Sun Microsystems after 13 years and is involved with a variety of internet and technology ventures.

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