L. Neil Smith memorial site set up

L. Neil Smith’s family has set up a memorial website; go there to see photos, memories, etc. Smith died on August 27; see our tribute. 

The above photo from the site shows Smith, left, with another person at the 2004 Freedom Summit in Phoenix. Cathy Smith asks, “Can anyone identify the gentleman that Neil is pictured with?”

Would anyone like to help?


2 thoughts on “L. Neil Smith memorial site set up”

  1. Aha. A name popped up in my aging brain. Not certain that this is the right name, but my guess is that this guy is Eric Garris or Garrett, or something close to that. And he was a prominent Libertarian activist in the 1970s/1980s.

  2. I recognize the face of the guy standing next to Neil, but don’t recall his name. What I do vaguely remember is that I knew him in the 1970s and 1980s as a prominent Libertarian activist, most likely someone active in the LP from California and perhaps someone who was a national LP officer or regional representative. Sorry, that’s the best I can offer, although somehow the letters “J” and/or “R” pop up in my aging brain, for what that’s worth.)

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