2021 Prometheus Award Ceremony and Panel Discussion

with Prometheus winner Barry Longyear, Reason editor-in-chief Katherine Mangu-Ward, Reason book editor Jesse Walker, and LFS president William H. Stoddard)

"A beacon of libertarian freedom" - Barry B. Longyear's Best Novel acceptance speech for The Hook, Book Five of The War Whisperer

F. Paul Wilson's Hall of Fame acceptance speech for "Lipidleggin'"

Do you love liberty and Science Fiction?
Do you dream of a free future?

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Robert HeinleinPoul AndersonVernor VingeF. Paul WilsonLois McMaster BujoldKen MacLeodCory DoctorowJo WaltonGeorge OrwellSarah HoytNeal StephensonAyn Rand

If so, then join the Libertarian Futurist Society!

Help nominate fiction and vote for the only annual award for best pro-freedom fiction: the Prometheus Awards for Best Novel and Best Classic Fiction, plus occasional Special Awards. All the writers listed above (and many more) have won Prometheus Awards for their fiction.

"The Prometheus Award is an interesting case ... Four decades is an impressive achievement.
The current process is an interesting mixture of popular award (all members of the Society can nominate works for any category) and juried (committees for each category use ranked ballots to produce the finalist slate) ... The results are as remarkable as the award's longevity ... the LFS ranges far outside the borders of conventional American libertarian thought ... with equally diverse selections on the nominee lists.
This [past winners and finalists'] list is, I think, a reminder of just why following this particular award can be rewarding for readers of all stripes"

—"40 Years of the Prometheus Award," a TOR.com feature-column by James Davis Nicoll (April 2019)

"It is 2020, and though socialism is again in vogue... libertarian SF is showing no signs of waning.... Libertarian-leaning authors have had an outsized, lasting influence on the field. Libertarians even have their own SF literature awards. Each year, the Prometheus and Prometheus Hall of Fame awards are given out by the Libertarian Futurist Society, a tradition dating back to the late 1970s. Instead of a trophy, winners are given a one-ounce gold coin “representing free trade and free minds.”

"The soil of speculative fiction has the right nutrients for the flourishing of libertarian values...Unlike most ideologies that advocate forms of protectionism and Luddite restrictionism, the libertarian outlook values choice, freedom, and market solutions.... Another element (in sf), certainly, is a general openness to radical new ideas and an instinctive rejection of stale convention and custom... Perhaps this is why so much of SF expresses itself as dystopian fiction, a genre which, by its very nature, cannot but take on a libertarian flavor. Totalitarianism, war, and wide-scale oppression is almost always carried out by state force. Liberation, accordingly, must come in the form of negative rights — that is, "freedom from" — and voluntarism."

—-- "The Libertarian History of Science Fiction," by Jordan Alexander Hill, Quillette (published June 12, 2020, on quillette.com)

"As a long-time libertarian and science fiction fan, I consider my Libertarian Futurist Society membership one of the best deals around. How else would I learn of the new SF books that I'd be most likely to want to read? LFS dramatically reduces my search time--and that's very valuable to me."

Robert W. Poole, Founder and Past-President, Reason Foundation

The Libertarian Futurist Society was founded in 1982 to recognize and promote libertarian science fiction. The LFS is a tax-exempt nonprofit group with an international membership of libertarians and freedom-loving science fiction fans who believe cultural change is as vital as political change in achieving freedom. After all, imagination is the first step in envisioning a free future — and the peace, prosperity and progress that can take humankind to the stars. The LFS presents the annual Prometheus Award for Best Novel, the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award for best classic literary works of liberty and occasional Prometheus Special Awards for other categories (short fiction, dramatic presentations, life achievement and similar awards). From 1982 to 2015, we published the quarterly journal, Prometheus. Many of the issues and articles are now available here.

"People come to libertarianism through fiction. They come through Ayn Rand... Robert Heinlein.... L. Neil Smith.  When he established the Prometheus Awards, Smith was acknowledging the political contributions that fiction makes to libertarianism. He recognized its importance and influence, namely that it fire the imagination, it fires the vision of man and woman, and it is absolutely essential to inspire people."

—Author Wendy McElroy, at the 2000 Prometheus Worldcon awards

"Uniquely among political movements, many of libertarianism's most influential texts have been by SF writers... It seems likely that the influence of the (Libertarian SF) movement within sf will grow."

—- The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

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