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Libertarian Futurist Society to Honor F. Paul Wilson with Lifetime Achievement Award

Bestselling author F. Paul Wilson will receive a Special Prometheus Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Libertarian Futurist Society.

The LFS will present the rare Lifetime Achievement award to Wilson May 9 at Marcon, Ohio’s oldest and largest science fiction and fantasy convention, which will be held May 8-10, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency Columbus and Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. (For more infornation, visit www.marcon.org)

Widely respected within the sf, horror and thriller fields and by fellow authors, Wilson has been a pioneering and innovative genre-crosser and boundary-smasher for four decades, in the process selling more than 6 million copies of his books.

Wilson, who made his first story sale in 1970 to Analog magazine, has been recognized often by the LFS over the decades. Wilson has won four Prometheus Awards – including the very first one presented in 1979 for his sf novel Wheels Within Wheels, also an inventive mystery.

In his Prometheus-winning science-fiction trilogy Healer, Wheels Within Wheels and An Enemy of the State, Wilson charts a far-flung saga about the LaNague Federation, a galactic association that replaces a repressive imperium with a philosophy of voluntary cooperation. Healer was inducted into the Prometheus Hall of Fame n 1990 and An Enemy of the State in 1991. The LaNague novels and related stories (collected in The Tery and Dydeetown World) dramatize a peaceful economic revolution establishing the federation’s policy of self-ownership, mutual consent, cooperation, free trade, honest (non-fiat) money, no taxes, and right of self-defense.

Wilson also won a Prometheus Award for Best Novel in 2004 for Sims, which explores foundational issues of individual rights. The novel is set in a future world of genetic engineering in which chimps have been altered and their intelligence enhanced enough to do manual labor as human-owned servants.

Libertarian Futurist Society leaders will present the award to Wilson in a public ceremony expected to be witnessed by about 1,000 Marcon attendees during the Saturday night May 9 masquerade, Marcon’s most popular annual program.

This will be the third such Lifetime award presented by the LFS. Poul Anderson received the first in 2001; Vernor Vinge (like Wilson, a major Marcon guest of honor this year) received the second in 2014. Both Anderson and Vinge are five-time Prometheus winners (including the lifetime award) and with this recognition, Wilson will join them as a five-time Prometheus winner.

The Society invites all members, well-wishers, and admirers of Wilson to attend. For more information, contact LFSatMarcon@lfs.org

For more information, contact LFS Board Chair Bill Stoddard at president@lfs.org.

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